The Hellfire Club Walk with the BEST views of Dublin City & A Spooky Past

The Dublin Mountains are home to some of the best walks in Dublin. It is common for walkers to visit the mountains to experience the scenic setting and catch a birds-eye view of Dublin city. If you are looking to explore one of Dublin’s Hidden Gems then look not further than the Hellfire Club Walk.

It is rare for those spending one or two days in Dublin to venture further than the city, however, with the mountains just a short drive away it would be same not to see Dublin from an alternative perspective.

The Hellfire Club ruin is located on the foot of Montpelier hill and along with an outstanding view of Dublin city and beyond.

The Hellfire Club Walk
The Hellfire Club Walk

How Long is the Hellfire Club Walk?

The Hellfire Club Walk can be completed by using various different hiking trails that lead walkers up to the summit of Montpelier hill. The main two trails take about 30 minutes to complete. Both walks take hikers up a wide country trail with forestry on either side. Both require easy to moderate hiking skills.

Alternatively, walkers can hike straight up through the forest and dirt track, taking about 10\15 minutes to complete. This particular way of reaching the summit is not on an official trail, it is, however, a popular route among locals. At times, the dirt track can get a little steep and requires a higher level of fitness to the designated trails.

The hiking trails can been seen in this map (sourced from dublinmountains.ie)

How do I get to the Hellfire Club?

The Hell Fire Club takes 30 minutes to drive to from Dublin City centre. There are currently no day tours as of yet. A taxi would cost 25/30 euro from the city. There are however, many other hiking trails in the area such as Cruagh Woods and Masseys Estate.

There is a free car park at the beginning of the walk. Just be mindful, as the gates closes at night. Generally speaking, the Hellfire Club car park is open till 9:00pm April to September and till 5:00pm October to March.

Hellfire Club Walk Sunset
Hellfire Club Walk Sunset

Things to do at the Hellfire Club

There is no denying it, Dublin is an expensive city. If you are looking for budget-friendly way to explore Ireland’s Capital then a trip to the Hellfire Club is a must! There is so much to see and do there and it is one of the best free attractions in Dublin and it still remains a ‘Dublin hidden gem’ to tourist. Here are some of the top things to do on the walk.

  1. Admire the City Views at the Hellfire Club:
    The Hellfire Club is home to one of the most spectacular views of Dublin City. The stunning views from the summit is the prime reason for the Hellfire Club’s popularity among locals.
  2. Have a Picnic at the Hellfire Club: 
    It is not a bad idea to bring some snacks to enjoy at the summit of the mountain. The Hellfire Club is the perfect place to plan a picnic. I can’t think of anything better, than eating lunch while absorbing the beautiful view.
  3. Hike Surrounding Areas: 
    Before or After hiking up to the Hellfire Club consider exploring more of what the area has to offer. Cruagh Woods and Massey Estate are home to beautiful scenery, rivers and forests just waiting to be explored.
  4. Watch the Sunset at the Hellfire Club: 
    The Hellfire Club is one amazing place to watch the sunset in Ireland’s Capital City. The sun sets from the east of the building ruins, as seen in the image above. This photo was taken from inside the old building, on the top floor. The Hellfire Club is easily one of the top locations to watch the sunset in Dublin.
  5. Explore inside the Hellfire Club: It is possible for those taking part in the Hellfire Club Walk to explore inside the old ruins. This is a rather spooky experience as the building is quite dark on the inside and with the scary stories associated with the building, entering it is sure to give you shivers. With that being said, it’s super cool being able to walk up to the top floor of the building and snap a pic of the wonderful surroundings.
hellfire club walk
Sunset from inside the ruins of the Hellfire Club, Dublin, Ireland

What Happened at Dublin’s Hellfire Club?

The Hellfire Club is a stunning scenic place by day but by night it turns into a terrifying place with a spooky past. I would not recommend exploring the ruins after nightfall.

The Hellfire Club is subject to many stories however, it is uncertain what is true and what’s a myth. In 1725, a rich Irish man, Speaker Connolly built the house on top Montpelier Hill, now known as the Hellfire Club. One night a large storm blew the houses roof off . Locals believed this to be the work of the devil. Starting the houses association with evil.

A number of years following Connolly’s death, the house was accompanied by the Hellfire Club an unlawful group who regularly engaged in illegal activity. There are many stories about the Hellfire Club some evening involving the Devil Himself.

For those of you looking to learn more in depth about stories of the Hellfire Club check out AskAboutIreland.ie or dublin.ie.

What to bring to the Hellfire Club?

If you are planning a trip to the Hellfire Club here are some things you should consider bringing as you walk. If you are spending longer in Ireland check out my Ireland Packing Guide for a more detailed list.

  1. Waterproof Jacket
  2. Hiking Boots (<- my favourite brand)
  3. A Day Bag (<- Also my favourite)
  4. A torch/Headlight (for sunset/sunrise hike)
  5. Travel First Aid Kit
  6. Water Bottle 
  7. Camera (<- my favourite brand)
Cruagh Woods
Cruagh Woods

Things to do near the Hellfire Club

As the hellfire club is located in the Mountains there are many beautiful walks in Dublin, that are all within a close range to the hellfire. You may even consider taking a quick trip to Dublin neighbouring county to check out the beautiful walks in Wicklow.

Here are my favourites:

A short drive from the Hellfire Club lies Cruagh Woods, this trail is far less popular yet still offers insane views of the city.

Ticknock is another great hike in the Dublin Mountains. It’s a great spot to watch the sunset and take in the epic city views.

A little further south lies the beautiful Killiney Hill, this is the perfect walk for those looking for some coastal views.

If you are looking to venture slightly little further afield then consider visiting the iconic Glendalough, or spend the day by the ocean on the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk.

Spending more time in Dublin?

One of the best things about visiting Dublin is its location, you can begin your Ireland itinerary right in the capital. Or, you could even consider basing yourself in Dublin and taking day trips to Ireland’s top attractions.

Here are some of the best day trips from Dublin that you should consider taking:

The Cliffs of Moher is one of the top Day Trips from Dublin taking 3 and half hours to reach the iconic attraction.

The Giants Causeway is another popular spot to visit on a Dublin Day Trip. Spend the day exploring the beautiful scenery of the Causeway Coast.

Ireland’s Stairway to Heaven is one of the lesser known day trips from Dublin but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a visit.

Kinsale is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Ireland. If you are looking to explore some of the beauty of West Cork then consider taking a day trip to Kinsale.

If you have more time I would consider adding some of these locations to your Dublin Itinerary.

Where to stay in Dublin?

Budget-Friendly Hostel: Abigail’s Hostel

A Good Location Hotel: The Moxy Dublin City Hotel

A Good Location/Trendy Apartment: Locke Zanzibar Aparthotels

Now, I know they are all rather expensive, if you stay a little further outside the city you will for sure get a better deal. Some areas with good public transport routes include Rathmines, Terenure, and Dundrum.

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