Let’s work together to create your dream Irish itinerary! 

Planning a trip to the Emerald Else but have no idea where to begin? That’s ok, let me come to your rescue!

My name is Laura, I’m a local Irish girl who specialises in creating bespoke itineraries that perfectly suits your desires, needs, and personal style.

There is no denying it, Ireland is home to some incredible places but with limited time it can be hard to choose which of those you visit.

Luckily, as a local, I can provide you with insider knowledge of where to go and what to see.

Planning a trip to Ireland can be stressful!

That’s why, with my Ireland Travel Planning service you can focus on having an once in a life time vacation. And, leave all the hard planning work to me.

No idea how long to spend in each place? That’s ok, I will tell you.

Want to visit 101 destinations but don’t think you will have enough time Let’s discuss it over a video call.

Have questions about the Irish language, slang, culture, and traditions? I can fill you in on what you should and should not do while visiting Ireland.


As a local expert with years of experience, I will work closely with you to create a personalised travel plan that is tailored to your interests and preferences. You will receive a mobile-friendly planner that includes a comprehensive stop-by-stop guide on where to go, what to see, a suggested timetable, hotel recommendations, activity recommendations, packing tips and more.

With this service, you can expect to receive a high-quality itinerary that is designed to help you make the most of your time in Ireland, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the must-see attractions or hidden gems.

As add on service, I offer a 40-minute video call where you can ask questions and highlight what you want to be included in your plan. This personalised touch ensures that your travel plan is exactly what you need and want for your dream trip to Ireland.

So, whether you’re a solo traveller, a family or a group of friends, my Ireland Travel Planner service has got you covered. With my local knowledge and your input, we can create a travel plan that is perfectly suited to your needs and preferences, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the beauty and wonder of Ireland.

Don’t wait any longer, let’s get started on planning your perfect trip to Ireland today!

Ireland Travel Planner: All you need for an UNFORGETTABLE Irish adventure!


Let’s work together to create your dream Irish itinerary! This is what you will get with my Ireland Travel Planner service: 40-minute video call with local expert advice. A personalised stop-by-stop itinerary just for you! Mobile-friendly pdf itinerary with clickable links, instructions and easy on-the-go access. Guidance on how long to spend at each place Suggested timetable, hotel recommendations, activity recommendations, packing tips and more Don’t miss out on the must-see attractions and hidden gems of Ireland. Let me help you create the perfect itinerary for your dream trip. With my local knowledge and your input, we can make it…

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As a proud Irish girl, I understand the importance of a well-planned trip. I have been lucky to visit a wide range of destinations across Ireland. And, I am dedicated to introducing you to some of the country’s top hidden gems and lesser-known attractions. If you want to see more of the places I have visited be sure to check out my Instagram as a reference.

I will design your personal Ireland travel itinerary using my insider knowledge. I will be honest, if an attraction is over-ratted or absolutely worth the hype! I will also provide you with a realistic timeframe, I see tourists time and time again trying to ‘fit it all in’. Ireland is small, but it is not that small! I will be honest about how much time you will need to make the most of your trip.

Don’t fall for tourist traps, with my personalised travel planning service, uncover the authentic charm of Ireland. You job is to sit back and relax, while I handle the details. Let’s make your dream trip to Ireland a reality!


Let’s start planning your Ireland vacation! After purchasing our travel planning service, you’ll receive a dedicated questionnaire to fill out. This will help me gain a better understanding of your travel preferences and ensure a tailored itinerary.


In the questionnaire, you will be given the option to schedule a video call to discuss your dream trip to Ireland. During the call, we will define your must-see destinations and activities. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have


With your travel style and preferences in mind, I’ll begin crafting your perfect Ireland itinerary. From scenic routes to local hotspots, every detail will be carefully curated for a seamless and unforgettable experience.


Within four weeks of our video call, I’ll email you the final version of your itinerary. Trust me, it will be the ultimate guide to discovering the Emerald Isle. It is all you need to get excited for a once in a lifetime trip!


The planning is done, now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy your unforgettable trip to Ireland. Relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Emerald Isle, knowing that every detail has been taken care of.


What is the cost of your Ireland Travel Planning Service?

The price for my service is dependent on the duration of your visit, ranging from €90 to €600. Each option includes a video call to discuss your customised itinerary.

Can I provide input into my trip?

Certainly! You can fill out a questionnaire detailing your dream destinations, and we can further discuss possibilities via video call before I start planning your trip.

Is the itinerary really custom made?

Absolutely, all plans are tailored to your specific requirements and desired locations.

Does your service cover all destinations in Ireland?

Yes, I am delighted to build an itinerary around your desired location or county. Whether you’re visiting family or a specific area, I can craft a plan around your preferences.

Can you plan trips for large groups, hens, and stags?

Yes, I am happy to help plan group trips, although this may come at an additional charge. Please email me at liveadventuretravelcontact@gmail.com for further information and a quote.

What is included in your service?

My service includes a 40-minute video call with me, a local expert to provide advice and guidance, a personalised itinerary tailored to your needs, a mobile-friendly PDF of the itinerary with clickable links, instructions, and easy on-the-go access, guidance on how long to spend at each location, suggested timetables, hotel recommendations, activity suggestions, packing tips, and more.

Are you a travel agent? What happens if a tour or flight is canceled?

No, I do not physically book any travel arrangements on your behalf. I simply provide you with a detailed travel guide personalised to your preferences. Therefore, I am not liable for any cancellations or changes as all bookings are managed by you.

What if I only need you to plan part of my trip?

Not a problem, you can book my services for just the duration you require me to plan. I can work around your existing itinerary.

Can I access my itinerary offline?

Yes, I will send your plan as a mobile-friendly download that can be accessed offline once downloaded.

Can I tip you for your service after my trip is complete?

Yes, gratuity while not expected is always appreciated following your trip to Ireland, and you can do so by buying using the buy me a a coffee program.